Using iPhone to take great photos of people


People make amazing subjects for your iPhone photography, and there are so many different ways to capture them. From traditional posed portraits to more unique and unusual images, there are endless ways to tell interesting stories and catch special moments when photographing people. In this tutorial you’ll discover ten creative ways to make your iPhone photos of people more interesting and attractive. Using iPhone to take great photos of people.

Taking More Interesting iPhone Photos Of People

1. Choose A Good Background

The background is just as important as the subject in a portrait photo. If the background is ugly or distracting, it’ll take away from the beauty of your subject.

A good background should enhance and complement the main subject, and it can even be used to contribute towards the story of your image.


The apple tree in the photo above looks great, especially as the colors match well with the colors of the subject’s hair and clothing. But it also tells a story about autumn when the apples are ready for picking.

Matching the color of the background with the color of your subject’s clothing can create a powerful visual impact.

Taking More Interesting iPhone Photos Of People

In this photo, the colors of the leaves match perfectly with my subject’s scarf. Again, these autumnal colors add to the mood and story of the photo.

A good background could be a simple white or colored wall, or it can be something more imaginative like the examples here.

Taking More Interesting iPhone Photos Of People

You can even use the ground as your background. Ask your subject to lie on soft green grass, among autumn leaves, or on some beautiful old floorboards, and then shoot from directly above.


2. Shoot Close-Up Portraits

If you want to capture the expressions in the face of your subject, you’ll need to shoot up close.

Facial expressions help to convey the emotion of the person in your photo. If you shoot from a distance, it might be difficult to tell whether the person looks happy, sad, serious, etc.

Taking More Interesting iPhone Photos Of People

Another benefit of shooting up close is that you’ll capture beautiful catchlights in the eyes. These are the little reflections of light that you can see in the eyes of my subject in this photo.

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