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Scottsdale Wedding Photographer

Scottsdale Wedding Photography


Wedding Ceremony

This page show cases our photography that were captured during many ceremonies from numerous locations throughout the state of Arizona and a number of location nationwide.

These images are very special moments that you will relive for many years to come.

None of these are posed but shot in a candid fashion called wedding photojournalism.

We believe it is the best way to capture all of the true emotions of a wedding. We keep our distance at these moments, and use long lenses–as well as two photographers.

This is where wedding photojournalism comes into its own.

Telling a wonderful story is what it’s all about.

Everything throughout this special day revolves around these precious moments of the ceremony itself.

This is where all your hard work and planning shows up and is over all too fast.

We want to stop and give you a chance breath and enjoy those moments again and again.

Best Scottsdale Wedding Photography

Scottsdale Wedding Photography

Every wedding is very different and we want to show the uniqueness of these events. This is your time and we feel honored that you have allowed us to participate by capturing these moments for you.

We photograph all our weddings with two photographers so we do not miss anything. We work as a well-trained team from a number of different directions at once without anyone even knowing we are working nearby.

Enjoy the galleries of our work and we hope you will enjoy viewing them as much as we enjoyed taking them.

Click on any photograph, and it will expand and become larger.

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Beyond The Shutter Photography Specializes in cutting edge and emotional wedding photography as well as wedding photojournalism.

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Scottsdale Wedding Photography

Best Scottsdale Wedding Photography






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