Photo Trip to The Library


A day in the life of the family historian.

Photo Trip to The Library

I am the family historian I keep telling myself.

Have camera will travel has been my motto for as long as I can remember.

Why am I having trouble getting motivated to take images of my own family today.

I am a professional portrait and wedding photographer and I have no trouble getting motivated to shoot those wonderful family images for others.

I used to think it was getting my DSLR out and carrying it all over but that is no longer an excuse using my iPhone 6.

To be honest, my cell phone does let me take some photographs at the drop of a hat and some amazing ones to boot.

The thing is, once I put my mind to it and get started, it all just flows as each image builds on the last and each one is better than the next.

My kids are so much fun and they are little hams once a lens is pointed their way. 

In this day and age, shooting digital is amazing. You get to see what you just took right now!

Photo Trip to The Library
Photo Trip to The Library
Photo Trip to The Library

Keeping in mind that I wanted to spend some “guy time” with my son, we set out for the library with my trusted iPhone.

On this day, I will shoot some fun stuff including some panoramic shots. So began our photo trip to the library. 

That cell phone really does somethings that my DSLR finds hard to do and panoramic images is one of those. 

Photo Trip to The Library

When all is said and done, I am so glad I took time out of my day and became the family historian again.

What wonderful images and memories I took and made.

My dad was a professional photographer too and I always remember him taking photographs of my two brothers and mom.

I am so glad he did because we get to relive those moments over again and again.

I know my kids will enjoy seeing these images again and again at some point in the future and our photo trip to the library will be remembered.

Photo Trip to The Library
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