Outdoor Photography Tips For Success

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When leaving the safety and controllability of the studio and heading out into the wild and unpredictable outdoors, it’s always best to bring along some important outdoor photography tips that will help you get the most out of your photo shoots.

No matter where you are or what you’re trying to capture, these tips will help you to get the very best images that you possibly can without a team of assistants adjusting lights and taking readings in the manufactured conditions of the indoors.

Outdoor Photography Tips For Success

Timing Is Everything

The single most important part of shooting anywhere outside is the time of day that you trip your shutter and record your image.

Unless you’re an embedded reporter, taking snapshots from the frontline, then you can choose to practice your photography during the few hours of the day that constitute dawn or dusk.

There are many reasons that you want to be shooting at these times, but realistically, it all just comes down to lighting and shadows.

If you set out on your journey and find yourself shooting in the middle of the day, with the bright sun blazing directly above you, then you are going to spending the better part of a week sitting in front of your computer while trying to fix all of the deep, stark shadows that streak across your subject.

Outdoor Photography Tips For Success

Aside from that obvious drawback, you’re also robbing yourself of the opportunity to fill your background with all of the amazing colors that grace the sky during these two parts of the day. When shooting in full sun or at night, chances are that any sky in your image will be stark white or deep black.

This is a very unfortunate thing to happen and can ruin and otherwise spectacular image. By shooting at dawn or dusk, you’re adding a very appealing backdrop that can only enhance your image while letting nature do most of the lighting work on your subject for you.

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Outdoor Photography Tips For Success

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