Left Brain Versus Right Brain In Photography

Author: Andy Long  Left Brain versus Right Brain In Photography 

Many people associate a left-brained person as technical and analytical and a right-brained person as creative and artistic, which would tend to lead to the thought that photographers are more right brained.

I was of this thinking, putting many parts of photography onto the creative side of the ledger.

Left Brain versus Right Brain In Photography

Most people go through life with a tendency to be one or the other as it helps make us who we are. There may be some instances where combining the two help with certain situations and if someone is totally left or right brained some activities might be a bit more difficult.

With doing some reading it seems we need to have characteristics of both and maybe leaning more to the left-brained side to fully take advantage of this art we call photography. Isn’t there some aspect of photography that is one or the other, primarily on the right brain side?

Two different Kinds Of Photographers

The general rule of thumb is there are two different kinds of shooters, left brained which includes aspects such as extreme precision and following rules for things such as composition (rule of thirds, leading lines, etc.) and right brained with shooting from instinct, suspending thought and just taking photos when things look right.

Left Brain versus Right Brain In Photography

Taking Pictures Of Wildlife

For doing wildlife, at first thought it would seem to lean towards being a right brained activity.

While there is a bit of the left side of the brain used when it comes to using the rule of thirds, most of the images taken are based on when things look right at the peak of action or behavior.

The more wildlife photography done over time, the more instinct comes into play as to knowing what behavior or action occurs just before something else takes place.

Left Brain versus Right Brain In Photography

We get a feel for what is right and let go when wildlife is around. We want to get all the shots we can if there is not a lot of time to try and set things up to get the perfect shot. Isn’t it more dependent on what the animal is doing rather than the photographer making sure the lines are good?

Who needs to get technical when a bird is taking a bath right in front of you? You see the action and you point and start shooting. How about when a wading bird is in the water hunting for a meal and we just track with it until it strikes and we fire away?

But, with trying to capture the peak of action, the left side of the brain does come into play regarding precise timing in order to get the best shot. On second thought, there are some other rules we try to keep in mind when doing wildlife photography. We try to think about the background so there isn’t a lot of confusion that takes away from the main subject.

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Left Brain versus Right Brain In Photography

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