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Killing 2 Birds with 1 Photography Stone Hawaii Style

If you have to go, then make the most of it is what I always say. I like to be economical that way. I had a business trip that was going to take me to Hawaii for a week. Since this is the first time I’ve ever been to this south sea’s paradise my mind started to think of other things that could be done at the same time since there would be a lot of downtime.

Bird #1. First and foremost, I wanted my wife to come with me. What a great time together to sight see and have great dinners near the ocean. It has been a long time since her and I would be together without the kids for any length of time. A working vacation so to speak. We would use the most of it.

Bird #2. I am a professional photographer. My business trip was unrelated to photography but since I was going anyway… You get the idea!

We decided that we would get up early and stay late every day being in the right locations for sunrises and sunsets. It would be romantic but also give me a chance to catch spectacular landscape photographs while viewing these locations together. I would do work related things during the middle of the day, but the rest of time would be ours.

Killing 2 Birds with 1 Photography Stone Hawaii Style

Killing 2 Birds with One Photography Stone Hawaii Style
Landscape Photography in Hawaii
Landscape Photography in Hawaii
HDR Photography in Hawaii
HDR Photography in Hawaii
Hawaiian High Dynamic Range Photography
Hawaiian High Dynamic Range Photography
Sunset Photography in Hawaii

I wanted to travel light, so I brought only one DSLR camera body and two lenses’ along with a tripod and a few other essential photographic gear. I also knew I would take images with my Apple iPhone in the way of panoramic photographs. Those panoramic images will be for a future blog, but I wanted to use this post for the photographs I took with my DSLR in something called HDR or High Dynamic Range.

HDR combines several photographs of the same image together that the camera takes at different exposures. By doing this you will capture so much more detail throughout the whole image. The big limitation of one digital photograph is the range at which it can record various aspects of that image.

Hawaiian High Dynamic Range Photography

Let’s say you photograph a beach scene on a bright sunny day and you might want to see someone under an umbrella or in the shade of a rock. You would see the whole beach that was being lit by the sun but anything in the shade would be dark or almost black. This HDR technique allows you to see it all.

Your camera needs to shoot 3 or more images of the same exact scene in quick succession at different exposures. Using a tripod is a must. You bring in these multiple photos into Photoshop and it combines those shots into one and gives you more tools to make further adjustments to the final image.

To find out more about HDR photography go here to Wikipedia and how to make these images go here to Nikon USA. The type of software you will need go here Comparing Best HDR Photography Software.

This was a great trip on many levels. From work related duties to amazing time with my wife in a beautiful location and then the photography opportunities I was able to take full advantage of. 

Directly below is a slider with 4 panoramic images that will rotate for you to view.

Sunset Photography in Hawaii

My took this photograph of my as I had just finished taking a series of HDR images off the beach.

Sunset Photography in Hawaii

Landscape Photography in Hawaii

I published a photography blog of images that my wife and I took together of our Hawaiian adventure using only our cell phones. Go here to view Hawaii Photography Romantic Team Work.     

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Killing 2 Birds with 1 Photography Stone Hawaii Style






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Hawaiian High Dynamic Range Photography. Sunset Photography in Hawaii

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