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Chandler Wedding Photographer


Wedding Reception

How do you describe receptions?

I like to let my photography do the talking.

They are so much fun and full of energy. It real does take two photographers to capture all this action.

I could never capture all this by myself.

From the moment the bride and groom are announced until the end it is fast pace and emotional. Everyone is trying to connect with you.

Chandler Wedding Photographer

Your first dance is so special with each other.

The toast comes next. Dinner starts and you hardly have time to eat.

More dancing occurs.

Cake cutting is tucked in there somewhere.

Then the flower bouquet and garter toss. More dancing again.

One of the last images of the night is a very special image that we take of the both of you, alone somewhere outside the reception site in the dark.

Very romantic!

Chandler Wedding Photographer

Receptions are notoriously hard to light because they are in dark rooms for ambiance. We have that all figured out by using multiple off camera flash units.

You can use one flash on the camera but that is really one dimensional and without pizzazz.

No life and very boring!

Your wedding reception is full of life and we want your reception photographs to reflect that. We strategically position flash units throughout the reception site to go off at our command.

No one ever really knows because they work so fast bringing in light from different directions. They are very exciting and make the images just pop.

We also take many photographs just using the existing light at reception. Using very fast light gathering lenses will help us accomplish this.

We also have many other photography tricks up our lens sleeve to take remarkable images at your wedding.  

Check out the photo grid below and you will know what I am talking about.

Click on any photograph, and it will expand and become larger.

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Chandler Wedding Photographer

Best Chandler Wedding Photographer






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